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Designing and Building your Dream Home

Builders Certified and Building Solutions produce the homes Kiwis have always dreamed of. Through our top-tier workmanship, expert design, and commitment to working with quality materials, we create homes designed for comfortable living.

Builders Certified exceed clients’ expectations, delivering outstanding results. With our exceptional service, experienced building services and intricate inspired concepts, we’re confident we’ll be able to craft the home of your dreams.

Start the journey today and create a beautifully designed, functional home with us.

Home Renovations and Alterations

Home renovations allow you to remain in your home, while transforming it to meet your needs and achieve your dream design. Whether you need a full home makeover, or small alterations, Builders Certified specialise in home renovations that bring your vision to life.

Renovating your home can bring a range of benefits. If your home no longer meets your needs, simply making alterations can bring the functionality back to your abode.

Or, if your design is starting to become outdated, renovating will ensure your home is fresh, even if you desire a traditional feel. And what’s more, renovating will add value to your home, boosting your profit if you choose to sell in the future.

Remove and Rebuild

Streamline the process of removing your old home, selling it if possible and building a new one in your current location.

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New Home Building Process

Our 10-step process makes the journey towards building your dream home simple.

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Home Renovations & Alterations

Your search for a high-quality, professional renovation job is over – our renovation services are known to give just that.

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Our Build Guarantee

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Architectural Range

Our design team are second to none. If you have a section in mind and are looking for inspiration, we can help.


Millwater is a modern future-proof home, incorporating an exciting range of advanced technological features to create a stunning luxurious living environment.

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Chatham is a spacious, inviting abode with a homely estate feel. The different spaces, including a large office and meeting room, provide areas for both work and play.

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Scarboro is a three-story sleek home, sporting everything you need and more. The open-living design with entertaining living areas makes for a house made to host.

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Glenvar is a modern twist on a European abode, displaying white plaster, splashes of brick, and a lavish black roof with architectural flair. A floor for living, and a floor for rest creates a practical design.

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