10 Step Process

Our 10 Step Building Process

Through our 10-step process, we aim to make this journey as simple and transparent as possible. It’s our goal to work with our clients to give them exactly what they want for their home. Here is how we plan, execute and deliver dream homes…

Step 1

New Home Selection Gallery

Take the time to view our range of new home designs on our website. If you’d like a more tailored design, we will help you design the home you’ve always wanted.

Step 2

Initial On-Site Consultation

We will organise a topographic survey for your building site and meet with you at your proposed site to discuss your needs, your vision and budget.

Step 3

Your New Home Design Concepts

We’ll arrange meetings with our architectural design team to interpret your ideas and develop a concept plan. The concept plan can then be formalised with our specifications, from which a cost breakdown can be prepared and presented to you for acceptance or amendment as required.

Step 4

Acceptance and Working Drawings Commencement

On confirmation of your acceptance of the cost breakdown, your house plan’s design will commence to a set of working drawings. Your materials selection is also documented and added to the specifications list to complete your new home drawings.

Step 5

Contract Documentation and Building Consent

You’ll be presented with a contract document for the building of your new home or home renovation, for your approval and acceptance. If you’re satisfied with the contract price, the working drawings, plan and set of specifications, the agreement documents can be signed.

We will then apply to the local Council for building consent approval relative to your new home’s drawings and specifications situated on your building site.

Step 6

Choice of Décor

During the Council approval process, you’ll be able to choose the colours and textures of materials to be incorporated into your new home. Our expert team of design consultants will be available to help you with this decision-making process – including an interior design and colour consultant, and a kitchen design consultant.

Step 7

Construction Management

Once Council building consent is acquired, construction of your new home will begin with our next available building team.

As required under the building contract, regular progress payments will be required. There will also be on-site meetings with you on a regular basis to confirm progress and record images of your new home being created.

Step 8

Management of Building Standards

Quality control checks will continue during the building process up to, and including, the final inspection.

Step 9

Completion Procedure

Upon completion of construction we’ll arrange a final inspection survey to be completed by the local Council to enable issuing of a Code of Compliance Certificate.

We’ll also ensure all builders’ rubbish is removed from the site and your new home is thoroughly cleaned inside and out. When the presentation of your new home is to our standards, we’ll arrange to meet you on-site to hand over the keys and documentation relating to Trade and Product Warranties.

Step 10


As you’re now able to occupy your new home, we’ll advise you of our on-going Customer Care Programme, together with a list of our obligations regarding maintenance.

Our 10 step building process allows us to smoothly complete our client’s dream homes. Throughout the process, we keep lines of communication open, offering advice and correspondence the entire time. If you have any questions about any stage of this journey, feel free to get in touch with us.